Inglewood, California

I used Super Collagen Slim for two months and lost 35lbs. I would simply take the pill 30 min before meals and move through my day. Now I am more fit and healtier than I have ever been. This product works so well that I have decied to continue the usage until I reach my goal weight of 40 more lbs.

Thank Super Collagen Slim!



Brandon, Florida

I started taking Super Collagen Slim approximately one year ago. When I started I was an obese 205 pounds. I could no longer fit into any clothes and was very depressed about my appearance.
Now after being on 
Super Collagen Slim I have lost 90 pounds. I have the figure I enjoyed as a 19 year old. Thanks Super Collagen Slim!




College Park

I would highly recommend this product. I’ve been taking Super Collagen Slim for about a month now and have lost 10 lbs. This has given me the motivation to continue my weight loss.
My cousin introduced me to 
Super Collagen Slim, she has been taking Super Collagen Slim for 2months & has lost 21 lbs & is looking great.
If your serious about loosing weight this is the product to get.



Akron, Ohio

I have been carrying an additional 60 to 80 lbs for 3 years. I gained all this weight in the beginning of menopause. I don’t eat alot & really don’t induldge in junk food so why this weight seemed impossible to lose was beyond my understanding. I have tried numerous weight loss products along with excercise and limiting my diet to fruits and vegetables with minimal red meat. My weight would not budge, not even the normal 5 lbs of fluctuation. I could afford it and said I’ve got nothing to lose. Well, I was wrong, I did have something to lose–YIIIPPPPPEEEEE a whole 18 lbs is gone. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am and HOPEFUL. I just found out about my weight loss last night so tonight I went and got a few more bottles.




I have gained about thirty pounds in the last year. Now taking Super Collagen Slim for just four days I feel fuller and more energetic as well as lost three pounds. I’m going to continue using this product until I get back to pre-baby weight, maybe even a little lower. Thanks Super Collagen Slim!



Roanoke, Alabama

I have been taking this product for about 3 months and have lost almost 2 pant sizes. I take it 30 minutes before I eat and move all throughout the day. I absolutely love this product. It is by far this best product out there for a mother of who doesnt have time to go the gym



Chicago, Illinois

I’ve Just Bought Super Collagen Slim. And I do feel fuller faster. I use to snack here and there but with Super Collagen Slim I hardly feel the need to snack. Crossing my fingers I lost the rest of the baby weight I have in time for my daughters Baptism. Will surely write on this again to update. :) 



Niagara, Wisconsin

Just took my first dose of Supreme Collagen Slim this morning. After reading all the reviews I am looking forward to losing the weight like the others!! Wish me luck and Super Collagen Slim….DO YOUR THING!!! (And I’ll do mine)


SACRAMENTO, California

I started using Supreme Collagen Slim 7 days ago and I don’t get very hungry anymore and I am able to just eat small portions. I’ve lost 5 pounds in 7 days and my goal is to lose 40 pounds in 4 months.



Clermont, Florida

Sceptic about purchase, but appetite has decrease tremedously. I always had difficult time with portion sizes, was never full, and ate more than my husband! So far, I am pleased with the product. I am taking one pill one time  daily and the Metabo Up  daily. Forgot to step on scale prior to starting, but will start tracking weight. Will keep everyone update on my progress and good luck to all in our same journey and dream.



Lawrenceville, Georgia

I bought this product last friday and decided to give it a try before actual surgery. So far I feel great. I take 1 pills 30 mins before meal and drink 4 to 5 bottles of water a day. I get full quickly and don’t want to eat as often. I’m going to give it 6 mos. to reach my goal of 120 lbs. Thanks Super Collagen Slim.



Seal Alabama, Alabama

ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK U THANK U THANK U I LOST 13 lbs in 2 doggone weeks are u serious i have never even seen this kind of thing in my life i do 15 mins workout that’s it a day and i diet …and i love it …..Thank u THANK U



Edinburg, Texas

I’ve used this product and I like it.. without any exercise I have lost 9# in 26 days I’m still using it although I wish the spills were a lill smaller. And maybe that some boxes had a coupon or something.



Alexandria, Virginia

Okay, I got up nerve to order the product. I wanted to lose some weight before my cruise. I have been on the product for just over 2 weeks. I was shocked at how full I got after eating a small amount. I have lost about 15 lbs and it was not hard. If you take the product and drink your water, you can be successful.But it’s not a magical pill. You HAVE to do your part. Take the pills, drink water,and do something to get moving. Even if you just walk,do anything,something,and you can be successful. Just tell yourself the you are worth it. Love yourself enough to try this product. Good Luck and hang in there.



Dubuque, Iowa

I am 30 yrs old, I have two kids, work full time, and go to school part time. I had shoulder surgery about a year and a half ago and gained 30 pounds since. I never seem to get full and would snack through the day. I have tried watching my calories and do a little more working out during the week with power walking, however with no luck on loosing the weight. Today I started taking Super Collagen Slim And can I say I havent felt this full in ages. I also didn’t even think about having a soda today. It seemed to have curbed that all together. I am Looking forward to seeing what happens next. I am getting married in may of 2014 and would like to be from my 215lbs at 5’8″ to 180 by July so I can buy a wedding dress! I can’t wait to see whats in store for me.
Thank you  
Super Collagen Slim.



Wilmington, Illinois

I LOVE Super Collagen Slim!!!!! After years of struggling to lose weight I have finally found something that works for me… Super Collagen Slim. After having 2 kids I just couldn’t keep the pounds from coming and at 6ft 250lbs I was miserable. I never had the energy to get up off the couch an get out and enjoy life with my family so I decided in November 2012 to do something about it. I started dieting and exercising and by January I had only lost 10lbs. I was starting to get discouraged and then I found Super Collagen Slim. I started taking Super Collagen Slim on January 16, 2013 and maintained a comfortable diet that fit my busy life and i exercise daily and today I am 205lbs and I feel great!!! I still have a little ways to go but I know that with Super Collagen Slim I CAN DO IT!!!! Thank You Super Collagen Slim for giving me the extra help I need to get back in shape and back out into the world with my family.



Pueblo, Colorado

I started about 10 months ago and it is amazing!!! I eat one meal a day and maybe a snack. I have not only dropped 27 lbs but my stomach is almost completely gone. I am so thankful for this product. I have dropped 3 pant sizes, 3 shirt sizes and 2 underclothes sizes. Even my gloves are loose now!!



Marshfield, Massachusetts

I just bought this product YESTERDAY and have ALREADY lost 2 lbs! I was SHOCKED! Like how is it even possible to go to sleep weighing 128 and wake up and weigh 125!? I did nothing! I even ate and had some cocktails lol I am soooo excited to see what I will be in 2 wks! I am now a TRUE Super Collagen Slim  believer!



Minneapolis, Minnesota

i just started taking Super Collagen Slim and i feel so good i changed the way i eat and i do more moving around i have a 2 year old so she keeps me going as well…. this pill is better then anyother pill i have taken i have a feeling im going to keep taking this one tell i reach the weight i want to be!!!!!!!



Eden, North Carolina

Thank you so much for your product. I tried other products with no results even with Sensa but when my sister suggested this product, I decided to try it and in 2 months have lost 25 lbs. I still have a long way to go but this is the only thing that has helped me. I am not able to walk to exercise due to having only half of my left foot and no weight bearing bone in that foot so Super Collagen Slim has been a god sent. Again thank you so much.



Toronto, Ontario

Where i can buy this product in Manhattan?



Hanover, Ontario

I started Super Collagen Slim (09/26/12) two weeks ago and I feel amazing! I have not weighed myself yet, but I can honestly say I do NOT over eat anymore and feel full all day! The Metabolism booster does give me a headache when I take it, but that doesnt bother me, I just dont take it anymore. I cant wait to weigh in when I hit my 30 day mark. Thanks Super Collagen Slim! I will keep you updated.



Pulaski, Virginia

I started using Super Collagen Slim on August 3rd of 2012. I weighed 184 pounds and Im 5 foot tall. I have lost 21 pounds. I have went from a size 14 to a size 10. Im so happy with this product. Im still using it and will continue to use it til I reach my goal weight. it takes a little extra work on my part to lose the weight. a person cant expect to take the pills and eat what they want. the product does work but you have to work with the product. thanks Super Collagen Slim.




Broadway, North Carolina

I highly reccomend this product to any one thats trying so desperately to lose weight  lost a great amount of weight in the past year. 2 thumbs up to the creator.

Thanks Super Collagen Slim!!!!!!



Phoenix, Arizona

ive only taken Super Collagen Slim for two weeks and 3days and lost 12pounds sept,16 2012-oct,4,2012. i am also an everyday drinker, about 6-8 beers a day and eat very healthy now. i went from 238 – 226.o and feel so great. i havent even got on my tredmill yet lol. i am working on it though. it all starts with how bad do you want it,let go let god,changing your thought process of food intake to determination, most importantly just stay do you want to feel a year from today, how long do you want to live. stop blameing,stop begging and start believing.



Hollywood, Florida

I have been using Super Collagen Slim for 2 weeks and 1 day so far.I am vouching for Super Collagen Slim. I havent weighed myself yet but my belly is definitely disappearing and i lost inches in my waist. My work pants are a size 15 and they used to be tight,now their falling off so I must wear a belt everyday. I also changed my eating habits and am now eating more salad and for my exercise, I power walk. At the end of this week I will weigh myself. Thank you Super Collagen Slim!


Blake Horstman

Pueblo, Colorado

Hi my name is Blake Horstman my wife convinced me to let her start taking  Super Collagen Slim a little over a month ago but i was sceptical because I work for Super Collagen Slim customer service and hear nothing but bad thing from them because they are upset. So I decided to come here and tell everyone that it does work if you just take the time to take it propperly and do a little exorcize and actually attempt to lose the weight. If you just sit there eating candy all day and playing video games its not oing to work because your not even trying. So my advice to everyone that is thinking about or starting to take SSuper Collagen Slim is to actually try to lose the weight to put some effort in and if you do have any questions or anything dont hesitate to call the customer service number we gladly help people.



Battle Creek, Michigan

I was truly skeptical before trying this product , I’ve tried countless diet pills in the past and the only thing they delivered on was making me all jittery ,wich , I hate . I have Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis and there are alot of things out there that I can’t take because they’ll interact negatively with my meds , but , this is one that my doctor approved . I am not exactly sure on how much weight I’ve lost because it’s only been 4 days and I do not have a scale , but , I know for a fact that I have lost atleast 5 lbs because I now have to wear a belt to keep my pants up . Super Collagen Slim does exactly what it says , it makes you eat less and it does not make u all jittery , as long I take it with a bottle of water and wait at least 30 minutes I feel fuller faster and I don’t feel the urge to snack throughout the day . Super Collagen Slim is truly a miracle diet pill




Dickson, Tennessee

Well, when i first started taking Super Collagen Slim I weighed 220 lbs at a height of 5″5. My doctor told me if i didnt lose the weight i would have to have gastric surgery and i told him i wanted to try to lose the weight by myself. I dont like surgeries. I am giving myself 6 months to lose my desired weight. I started taking it August 27th 2012 and right now it is the 30th of August.. To say the least i am down to 214 lbs. It is amazing in so many ways. I havent felt like eating, i do Latin workouts daily for an hour and then round 6o’clock or so i do my simple workouts. Nothing major yet, but seeing those pounds come off in just a few days was incredible. I take 2 pills a day and My energy has gone up a lot. My weight goal is to be down to 135 lbs. and it looks like im making good progress. I will post bi-weekly or monthly to let everyone know. Awesome product!!



Waco, Texas

This was the first day my husband and i started using Super Collagen Slim… No side of affects like with other deit pills which is a blessing in its self. We are so excited to see where we will be in 6 mths. We are both needing to lose 135 pounds for our health. So I will keep you informed. 5 stars is because there is nothing negative to report…


Tee Tee

Jackson, Alabama

I haven’t even been on this product for 1 week and I’ve lost 9 lbs and a whole inch of my waist!! I was so skeptical at first but now I’m a BELIEVER !! I haven’t changed my diet at all but the increased energy alone is phenomenol !!




Monroe, Louisiana

I am 41 years old and is a whopping 320lbs and is only 5’0 tall, I am too far over weight. I am going to order this product and I hope by next month I can say that I have lost 20-25lbs. My ultimate goal is t reach 175lbs, get use to that size first then lose more. I really hope this works for me.



Bryans Road, Maryland

Awesome product… I have been using this for almost a month and I can see the difference!I find that that I continue to drink plenty of water the results are so much faster! WOW!! I am ordering more this week to reach my goal weight!! THANK YOU!



Detroit, Michigan

I have been using Super Collagen Slim since July 30, 2012..I can honestly say that this stuff really works! The whole reason for me tryng this product was for my problem areas-stomach and inner thighs..IDK maybe its all in my head but 2 days later, it looked like my stomach was going down! I have not worn shorts since middle school and I HAVE to go shopping for more clothes because I cut all of my jeans into shorts, and they are getting looser! No joking-true story!!! I have not shared with anyone I’ve been taking this product..Im turning 31 on Aug 28 and can not wait to show off the progress that was made! Try it, you have not to lose but pounds and inches, Im so glad I did!!!



Wtby, Connecticut

I have been useing Super Collagen Slim 4 about 6mth on & off..I have always been over wieght & having 6 kids addded on 2 my wieght.I can say Supreme Collagen Slim is GREAT I went from 230 to 175 cant be happier…



Newaygo, Michigan

I have been taking this product for just under two weeks. I have lost four pounds and one inch off from my waist. I take one pills one daily with my two bigger meals. Going to keep on taking it for another two weeks to see what happens. I have personally had zero side effects from this product. Hope it works for others out there that need to lose a lot of weight. Good luck



Estevan, Saskatchewan

I have been using  for a week now and dropped 7lbs ( that is not what I’m impressed about since I go up and down 10lbs in a day or two) but what I really like is that I don’t feel hungry so with that being said it gives me the opportunity to eat more healthy. I eat healthy on my 3 main meals but what gets me off the track is snacking in between because snacking on a cup of veggies or whatever else you would consider healthy was not enough for me, I needed those carbs to satisfy my cravings. I am really happy with my appetite that Super Collagen Slim helped me achieve and if it continues to do it’s work I know this will help me to loose weight. We often believe in scale more than anything, one wise woman told me a long time ago to use your favorite piece of clothing as your scale but our brain believes in that scale so if I see scale going down I believe whatever I’m doing is working. Super Collagen Slim made me believe that it’s working. I wish everybody the best of luck and keep you posted in 30 days………. 



Prineville, Oregon

Hi all i just started today 7-21-12 and i am excited to see what this product will do for me. My min goal is at least 5 lbs however if this works better then expected you can be im going to order more :) i’ll keep you updated on this product im just looking forward to looking like a hot momma that i am :) have a great day everybody :)



Syracuse, New York

So I have tried every weight loss system out there and they worked for the first few months but then I would gain back the weight if I didnt continue with the program. But when I tried Super Collagen Slim I actually felt a difference. I’ve only been taking it for a week n half and already I loss 5 pounds. Now I dont know for certain if it was the pills but I have been drinking water only and while on the pill my appetite has decreased. I use to want to eat 24/7, now I feel fuller faster and better about myself. I wont stop taking the pills till I lose the weight I want to lose, but I just wanted to put it out there that this product isnt a scam and it does work. P.s I loss that 5lbs without having to exercise 2 hours a day 5 times a week.



Miami, Florida

I must admit I didn’t expect much when I first tried Super Collagen Slim. However, since I’ve been plagued all my life with a stubborn layer of fat on my midsection I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, except for the fat of course. But I must say after only 1 week of trying Super Collagen Slim I noticed a difference; my midsection looked firmer, I could feel more muscle tissue beneath a now thinner layer of fat, and I have to wear belts with my pants now lest they sag around my butt. My results are by no means typical I’ll admit, since I’ve always had a high metabolism to start, but it did nothing for my midsection. It took Super Collagen Slim to get me past that threshold of fat loss I thought I’d never experience. I took 1 pill 30 minutes prior to main meals for 1 week. I’m really glad I took the chance and ordered Super Collagen Slim. I’ll definitely be a return customer. Thanks a million!



Grand Rapids, Michigan

I received my first supply two weeks ago today. I am not sure about pounds or inches. My scale is broken. BUT. I was a strong Mountain Dew drinker for 25 years. Less than a week on this and I am broke free. I can SEE the weight loss in my face and FEEL it in my clothes. I will be happy to get down to a size 8/10. At 47 years of age, a size 14/16, I am so happy with the results this far. Just getting me off the pop is a BIG help to me.


Tim Miller

Palm Springs, California

Started taking Super Collagen Slim in 2009. I had to stop taking them for a while due to health reasons. But I started taking them again in January of 2012 and I already lost 20 to 25 pounds within 5 months. I am very obese and I was not able to move around as much as i wanted to. Now I am walking more and I am not as out of breath as I was before. I am very happy with Super Collagen Slim and I will comtinue to take them until I reach my desired goal. Thank you Super Collagen Slim



Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve been using Super Collagen Slim for a week, I don’t want to weigh myself yet but I can tell I’ve lost a little weight because my pants aren’t as tight.You really should change your eating what you want once a week only….stick to a healthier diet, cut out snacks, breads, sweets,pasta,( once a week)treat yourself. Super Collagen Slim doesn’t fail people fail.



San Diego, California

I have tried everything to lose weight and always gained back my weight. I hated the pills that make you feel jittery. I decided to try Super Collagen Slim and i was surprised to see how quickly it worked for me. I felt no jitters & I immediately fell full the first time trying it. I have lost 17 lbs in about 2.5 months and kept it off. I recently went on a week long cruise and brought it with me. I was able to enjoy every yummy meal on the cruise in moderation.I was not deprived, I never felt starved on Super Collagen Slim. I weighed in after the cruise and DID NOT GAIN even an ounce of weight. Super Collagen Slim works. I am 51 years old and I look and feel better than ever before! Thank-you Super Collagen Slim! You have changed my life forever!



Houstont, Texas

Started using product weighing (281)lbs the first week I lost (5)lbs. Theres no side affects and I feel great. Will continue to use until I reach my goal of (140)lbs. Thank-you Super Collagen Slim